Summer Bucket List

Hi everyone, with some inspiration from other blogs, and my own personal past blog, I have decided to make a 2016 summer bucket list. I blogged about it and am going to kee everyone updated here by crossing off things when finished, linking them, and adding other items as I think of them. Any suggestions. Comment below!

  1. Use no Social Media for the entire summer. Started June 3rd.
  2. Meet my Fitbit step goal 6 days per week. (goal is 12,000 steps)
  3. Take a photo a day (I may start another page on here documenting it)
  4. Make a vegan cake.
  5. Explore Chicago.
  6. Spend a weekend in Wisconsin by myself
  7. Go to my local farmer’s market.
  8. Start doing yoga
  9. Complete the one-month makeover
  10. Get my passport.
  11. Reorganize my room, throw out old things, get rid of clothes I don’t wear, etc.
  12. Make nicecream
  13. Go thrifting
  14. Read 3 books
  15. Run, I want to be able to run a 10k but we’ll see. My knees hate running
  16. Write down every good thing that happens to me and put it in  jar or here
  17. Get another piercing
  18. Get another tattoo

That’s all I can think of right now, but I may add some stuff to it.