Anyone can cook

Hi everyone and Happy Saturday! I hope you all are enjoying the start of your 3-day weekend (if you’re in the States that is). Something I love about being home (and will enjoy this fall in my apartment) is a kitchen! I’ve been cooking so much since I’ve been home and trying SO many new recipes and I wanted to share them, with you guys (especially my vegan followers because I know I love learning about new vegan recipes) since I’ve been loving some of these things so much! Here are a few of my current favorite things to make!

Stuffed Mushrooms

I’ve been really loving mushrooms lately but I wanted to learn to cook them myself. I had stuffed mushrooms once in Peru and they were one of the best things I’d ever eaten so, I took to the minimalist baker’s website to find a simple and quick recipe for them. These were sooo good and my non-vegan family members thought they were great too!

Protein Pancakes

I am a pancake fan like no other and since I’ve been trying to track my macros, I’m trying to eat more protein. These pancakes are SO simple and SO tasty (my sister doesn’t think so) and I could literally eat them for breakfast Every. Single. Day.

Mac & Cheese

If you couldn’t tell by now I LOVE THE MINIMALIST BAKER! She has recipes on the foods I really want to make with ingredients I already have in my house. This vegan mac & cheese recipe has made my life! I haven’t had it in so long and this recipe made my heart (and stomach) so happy.


Tofu is awesome to cook because it is SO versatile! Whatever flavor combinations you are feeling, you can season it with tofu or add tofu your recipe and the tofu will compliment the dish perfectly!

2 types of ways I like to cook tofu is asian style- with sesame and soy sauces with sesame seeds, stir-fryed with broccoli and placed over rice. I also like to eat it (stir fried again) with garlic, salt, pepper, and various veggies. YUM

What recipes do you all like?

❤ Alicia ❤


My allergic test experience

Hi everyone and Happy Friday! Recently (the past year), I’ve been having some issues with my stomach. I was certain that it was because I was allergic to something I’d been eating and because of this I wanted to get tested for allergies without getting needles poked into my entire arm and back (I had to get that test done when I was younger just to tell me I was allergic to cats… not fun) so, thanks to groupon, I bought an IdentAllergy test, snipped off some of my hair, sent that in (hopefully not to be cloned as well), and then waited to receive my allergy results.

Upon receiving my allergy test results, I was honestly shocked to see some of what I was (and wasn’t) allergic to.

This test showed me the following

  • My personal results for sensitivities to Food and Environmental factors
  • My heavy metal levels
  • My mineral and vitamin levels
  • My hormone levels
  • My stress levels

I’m not going to discuss my vitamin, mineral, heavy metal, and hormone levels because it was nothing too interesting. At the time I was iron deficient even though I’d given blood just fine the week before. Funny how that fluctuates. I do want to share my Food and Environmental factors and my stress levels because that’s what I was really curious about. Let’s get into it… Shall we?

For my food intolerances, I was told I’m intolerant to:

  • Carambola
  • Millet
  • Millet Seed
  • Pine Nut
  • Pumpkin
  • Rosemary

What’s comical about this is that I was certain I was allergic to coconut (after my total skin conundrum last summer) yet it’s not on here. What’s worse? I don’t eat any of these foods religiously or ever. So, I may have to take another allergy test that doesn’t use hair to see if this one missed something because I have a gut (haha) feeling I’m eating something I shouldn’t be.

For environmental intolerances, I was told I’m intolerant to:

  • Cat Dander
  • Common Wasp
  • False Ragweed
  • Jack Fruit
  • Japanese Millet
  • Mixed Moulds Sections
  • Russian Thistle

I’ve always known I was allergic to cats (how I knew this test had at least some truth to it), and it’s great to know I’m allergic to wasps. I also have pretty bad fall allergies so some of these were pretty obvious as well.

Lastly, my stress levels. I don’t know if it’s because I was in school, trying to figure out my life, or what, but this test told me I’m STRESSED. Once my hair was tested for the rest of these allergies, my hair was washed measured then ground to a fine powder (weird…) and the cortisol levels were measured.My cortisol levels are 50-60 pg (picograms of cortisol) / mg (milligrams of hair) which means Frequent acute repetitive acute stress: AKA high stress… not that this surprises me in the least, it’s still good to know.

All in all, I’m glad I took this test. However, I really want to know what’s wrong with my stomach.

Have any of you tested yourselves for allergies? If so, what test did you do? Let me know!

❤ Alicia ❤

My favorite protein bar recipe

Happy Monday everyone, One of my favorite things about being home is having a full kitchen. No tiny microwave and using my desk as a counter for me! After I posted my Women’s History Month post and being enlightened that March is national months for a bunch of other things, I took to the internet and found out that it’s National Nutrition Month!!!! For National Nutrition Month I’ve decided to share a fave recipe of mine that can be made using only a food processor!!!

Something I absolutely love are protein bars! Something I don’t love is their price or the amount of added sugar they contain. I decided to take to my kitchen and see if I could make my own. My mom had made some for me over a year ago and over winter break I wanted to try my hand at making my own.


  • 1 cups raw walnuts (extra if you want a topping)
  • 1  cup raw almonds
  • 2 ½  cups pitted dates
  • ⅔  cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1  scoop Vegan (I use Vega) chocolate protein powder
  • ¼  tsp salt


  1. Place dates in the food processor and process until small bits remain. Remove and set aside
  2. Place walnuts and almonds in food processor and process until finely ground.
  3. Add the cocoa powder, protein powder and salt and pulse to combine.
  4. Drop small handfuls of the date pieces down into the food processor.
  5. Process until a dough consistency is achieved, adding more dates if the mixture does not hold together when squeezed in your hand. You may not use all the dates.
  6. Add the brownie mixture to a parchment lined 8×8 dish (add a topping of chocolate chips and walnuts if wanted). Press down until flat.
  7. Put in fridge/freezer to chill for a minimum 30 minutes.
  8. Transfer to plate and cut

*Makes about 16 squares*


What is your favorite recipe?

❤ Alicia ❤

Tips for eating vegan in a dorm

Hi, all and happy Monday. I have been having a lovely weekend. I got out of my room, worked out, I’ve been drinking water, had classes canceled today (flooding and we are literally next to a river sooooo) and have been getting ahead on school work, writing a lot, and I’m feeling pretty good.

A question I get asked a lot is how I eat vegan in my dorm room. Eating vegan in California is as most people would assume, easy. However, since moving to Ohio, a state where many schools have the first day of hunting season off of school, how is eating vegan possible? Especially living in a dorm.

The answer is sooooo easy. OU is in the top 10 most vegan campuses in the country (this only impacted my decision to go here a smidge) so it’s actually super duper easy to eat vegan on campus, and off campus too!

Here are some tips I have for eating vegan in a dorm (mainly specified to OU but can apply to other universities as well)

  1. Always opt for fruit and veggies- either in markets, dining halls, etc.
  2. Make sure your parents stock your fridge and pantry with vegan snacks (granola bars, fruit, oats, cookies, etc.) when they visit
  3. The salad bar will be your friend- just remember you can add so many things to salads and they don’t have to be just spinach and balsamic!
  4. Find dorm-friendly recipes
    1. Overnight Oats
    2. Gardein meats (microwavable)
  5. Before eating out, make sure there are vegan options where you’re going
  6. Stock your own fridge and pantry with vegan items- I go to Walmart or Kroger every other week to get oatmeal, peanut butter, almond milk, fruits, veggies, granola, cereal fake meat and more so I always have vegan goodies with me
  8. Choose the most flexible meal plan- This allows you yo spend your meal plan in the dining hall and markets so that you can still eat even if your dining hall isn’t too vegan in general or isn’t having a very vegan day.
  9. Invest in some kitchenware- Check with your university to see what it legal to have but at least keep Tupperware and bowls, plates, etc. so that you can prep food and then save it for later!
  10. Don’t be afraid to try new things- I’ve  tried curry, so many new vegetables, and soy chicken + ribs and it’s all been so good!

Now that you have these tips… go vegan!!

❤ Alicia ❤

2 years of veganism

Wow. 2 years of veganism. 2 years of being plant-based. Looking back on my past 2 years, I can’t say that they were all vegan. Especially at the start. I can’t say exactly how long I’ve been vegan, but I know that in these past 2 years so many animals were saved.

2 years ago, my roommate at the time, Delaney, showed me a video that forever changed my life. It was a video of a slaughterhouse somewhere in Europe (I believe Sweden) and these cows were being hung from their ankle on a conveyor belt as a man sliced their throats. I can still vividly see that image in my mind and I think it engrained there forever. It is the reason I stopped eating meat. And more videos just like that are the reasons I stopped consuming dairy.

These past 2 years have been rough. They have also been enlightening. But most of all they have been life-changing. I have done happy dances in stores when I found vegan chicken nuggets, vegan cupcakes, vegan macaroni and cheese, and so much more. I have binged on copious amounts of dairy-filled sweets, chocolate milk, and cheese.

I have changed so much as a person. I feel that veganism is truly a part of me and it has helped me morph myself into who I truly am and I sometimes wonder who I would be today had I not discovered veganism. My friends often ask me, “would you still have gone vegan had you not gone to San Diego?” And the truth is, I cannot answer that. I hope the answer is yes, but had I gone to school in Texas or Alabama, I really don’t think I would have.

It is so crazy to me how one decision can impact your entire life. In my last post, I said that I wished I had thought of Athens sooner, however, if I had started my freshman year at OU, odds are, I wouldn’t be vegan today. So, do I sometimes wish life was different and that I bypassed the stress of transferring, yes. Am I undoubtedly grateful that San Diego led me to veganism? Also yes.


Wait.. that’s vegan!?

Hi everyone. After my post the other day about things I noticed since going vegan, my sister told me I should make a post about foods that are vegan but you wouldn’t assume are. I am still discovering these foods and I love finding foods that are ‘accidentally vegan.’

  1. Oreos: While I have no idea what chemicals make up the creamy center of the Oreo cookie, I do know it’s vegan. I also know that unless you can hide them like there’s no tomorrow, these cookies don’t last more than 2 days in my house. 😉 03202CF
  2. Twizzlers: Twizzlers recently got rid of the gelatin in their products which make them the perfect vegan-friendly movie companiontwizzlers4
  3. Reese’s Puffs: Despite most other Hershey products being filled with milk and whey and animal products galore, cocoa powder is used. Bonus, they are also gluten free!87adee93-165e-4e20-834a-c9efc4c0a39c.jpg.web
  4. Cocoa Pebbles: Once again, cocoa powder is used to flavor the cocoa pebbles. These are gluten free as well!0002_Cocoa-Pebbles
  5. Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup: Perfect on top of some vegan pancakes or some dairy free ice cream!91z14MSci2L._SY679_
  6. Chick-Fila Waffle Fries: Once again they’re potatoes, but these are fried in vegetable oil instead of the alternative… Animal fat.slide_362648_4081737_free
  7. Swedish Fish: No gelatin in these either.450
  8. Poptarts: Not every flavor of Pop tarts are vegan.. Mainly the chocolate ones. However, the unfrosted kinds and most of the fruit flavored ones are vegan but always double check!Strawberry_Pop_Tarts
  9. Junior Mints: My absolute favorite candy is vegan! Other than Reese’s peanut Butter Cups but Justin’s brands get the job done just as good!Junior-Mints-Box-Small
  10. Thin Mints: Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you can’t eat girl scout cookies. Thin mints are vegan!!thin_mints_new_web

Pea protein? no whey

Hello everyone. Right now, I am sitting in front of my laptop, post workout, disgusted as I gulp down my protein smoothie. But wait: it’s full of fruits, vegetables, coconut milk yogurt, AND almond milk so how can I be disgusted you may be wondering?

It is filled with a minuscule amount of pea protein powder that gives off a chalky before, during, and aftertaste no matter how I incorporate it into my post workout drink. However, I put the last of my frozen fruit and yogurt into it, so I cannot make another.

Since going vegan, people I don’t even know have the audacity of asking me ‘Where do you get protein?’ to which I always roll my eyes and eat another crabless crabcake. Before I went vegan, I used whey protein in my smoothies and I couldn’t taste it. However, whey protein isn’t really an option for my plant-based self.

I am calling upon the vegan community (or hell just anyone who uses proteins that aren’t whey) to tell me what their favorite protein powder is. I would go out and buy all of the proteins and see what I like the most, however, protein powder is not by any means cheap and I don’t want my possible protein deficiency to break the bank.

I really do enjoy the benefits of protein powder, and especially since I have been working out a ton since the New Year I would like to have some protein to build muscles because I know there are days when I (everyone for that matter) is deficient on some of the key nutrients we need. However, I would like mine to never be protein so that the next time someone asks me about my protein consumption; I can spike their drinks with pea protein.

Please please please help me. I have resorted to plugging my nose while I drink my smoothie today and I need immediate assistance with the task at hand.

Until next time