Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month

Hello everyone, I would have posted earlier, but I took a fall and broke my big toe and pulled a ligament in my ankle. At least that’s what my friend who is pre-med is telling me. I have been making my way around my house with crutches and can’t bear to put a shoe on my left foot let alone put weight on it. So, since my dad, who normally would be the one inspecting my injuries, doesn’t know about the tattoo on that same ankle, I’m going to be hobbling my way around the house sans crutches with a smile on my face when he gets home (him and my mom are out of town this weekend with some friends).

Well, this month is Women’s History Month. This month is very important to me, because I am… a woman. Not sure if you all knew 😉

I used to be one of those people who was like “Why is there a Black History month?” or “Why do we have a Women’s History month?” etc. etc. Now, before you start firing comments my way about much of a racist and meninist I am, at the time I thought I was being quite the opposite. I always felt that by having a Women’s history month or a Black History month, we were excluding ourselves and other minorities. If There is no White History month or Men’s History Month, why do we (women and other minorities) get one. I felt that minorities were already ostracized enough and that by dedicating a month to us we would be outcasted even more than we already were. Plus, I didn’t really think we needed them because I thought we learned all the history we needed in school.

A few years ago, I came to the realization that there were so many things that had happened in our country and around the world that I did not know about. I didn’t know about how women got the right to vote, that women helped astronauts get to the moon. I had always thought that men had discovered the double helix in DNA, nuclear fission, and so many more world-altering inventions now matter how small.

I never realized this in school but the history we learn about isn’t the full story. We don’t learn both sides, we learn the rich white man’s story. For years I thought Christopher Columbus was a great guy because he ‘discovered America’ and I thought that the white man was always correct and could never do wrong because that’s what we learn. We don’t learn about the millions of Native Americans who died when the white man took over the ‘new country.’ We don’t learn that slavery was always wrong, not just when the North decided it was. We don’t learn that women couldn’t go to school because they were forced to stay home and their sole purpose was reproducing and cleaning. We don’t learn so many things in school because not everything is about white men in history, but in schools and media it is.

Now I realize. I realize that we need months for people who aren’t white, straight men. We need them because I learned more about Black History during February commercials on Disney channel as a kid than I ever did in school. There are still so many historical facts that I don’t know about because of this, but if I have learned one thing since Trump’s presidency, or my time of realization for the need of these months, it’s that we shouldn’t need these months, but until our history books are rewritten with the whole truth, and people begin to realize that white men are not the only influential people on this Earth, these months are so important for everyone, because without them, I wouldn’t know who Alice Paul were, Ada Lovelace, and so many other women and men alike who changed the world for the better.


March on

March on

Today was a pivotal day for me as a human being. Today, I attended the women’s march in Chicago with some of my family and friends. Besides the march in Washington D.C, Chicago had the largest turnout of any march across the world. I marched with around 250 thousand, yes 250 thousand men and women alike down the streets of Chicago.


Some were young, some old. Some straight, some gay. Some black, some white. Some rich, some poor. Some abled, some disabled. And everyone in between. I met some amazing men and women of all backgrounds who met on the streets of Chicago for one reason: solidarity.

We marched to show our support for all of the nasty women across the nation. We marched to make sure our opinions were heard, by anyone and everyone. I marched so that my daughters and granddaughters won’t have to. I marched for equal pay, equal opportunity, and equal rights. I marched today so that no woman ever has to have a man tell her what to do with her body.

Today, I marched next to a month old baby (and her parents of course), next to an 81-year-old woman who has been working for women’s equality since she was a child. I marched next to dogs donning signs with “Even I know no means no,” “I march for my moms,” and so many others. While I didn’t get a chance to speak to every single person I crossed paths, these people whose pictures I took, who took my picture, who had to get past me to find their friends, were some of the kindest and polite people I have ever associated with.

Today was a day for love. It was a day for happiness. It was also a day for hope. It was a day that will be remembered by thousands forever. I have so many emotions in my heart and love, hope, and happiness are above at the top of that list. I love all of the people that came to march, I love Hillary Clinton, I love Barack Obama, and I love everyone who supported the march today. I am happy with today. I cried tears of joy, had goosebumps litter my body, and am just so content with the amount of support and presence that was present today. I am hopeful. I am hopeful for the future. I am hopeful for women of all kind. I am hopeful that today’s march and protests have set the pace for the next 4 years. I am hopeful that Donald Trump and friends know we are serious about our rights and have no plans on stopping until we get our way. I am full of love, happiness, and hope.

Today was one of the best days of my life and I know that despite our Commander-in-Chief, these next four years are going to be a full-fledged fight, that we will not give up on.

Just remember “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

A letter to President Obama

A letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

Today is your last day as the President of the United States. I can’t begin to wrap my head around that. That tomorrow, you, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, Bo, and Sunny will no longer be the first family and will no longer live in the White House.

I was 11 when you were elected. I sat on my couch, watching as the votes began to add up, as you took quite a lead over John McCain. My mother was walking around the house, excited, and my dad took no interest in the matter, typical.

I still have the newspaper from when they announced you as President. I’ll always keep it. You were the first black president, and dear lord I hope not the last. I remember going to school the next day and you being the talk of the town. Everyone was talking about you. You were everywhere. In my English class, in my social studies class, even in my science class. You were the shiny new toy everyone had to talk about.

I remember the day you were inaugurated. The 8th-grade social studies teacher invited the entire school into the auditorium to sit on the creaky, old, wooden, and broken seats, as he projected the inauguration onto the stage. I don’t remember what you said, I don’t remember what anyone said, but I remember that my heart fluttered when you said, “So help me God.” You became the 44th president of these United States that I had called home for the past 11 years. I didn’t know who you were, I didn’t know your policies, but I had an inkling that your time as president would be one for the books.

Flash forward to today. You have accomplished so much. After 8 years of this country crumbling to pieces, you had 8 years to fix a broken nation. A broken nation in need of dire help. You came in, picked up the pieces of the country you had called home for so long and began to rebuild. You began with reversing the Bush torture policies, which we all know desperately needed to be removed. You kept going with passing the Affordable Care Act and Wall Street reform. Not to mention repealing the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy and ended the war in Iraq. You acknowledged that veterans are important and passed bills to help support every last one of them. You appointed the first ever Hispanic Supreme Court Justice and you were the first president in decades to completely avoid a scandal.

After your presidency Gay marriage is legal. The housing market is doing better, and you have begun aiding in combating global warming. You have done so much for this country and I am forever grateful for you and your time in office.

While there are many people that didn’t approve of you and are going to nitpick each and every move you or your family makes, there are so many that love you and so many that will be sad to see you go. I am one of those, One of those people who will be forever grateful for all you did for women, blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQIA+ and other minorities alike.

You have been a ray of sunshine in this dark dark time we live in and I am deeply saddened that you are leaving. I will miss your sense of humor and your love for not only the country but for your family and everyone you meet. I will miss you dearly but I know you have so many things left to accomplish in your lifetime.

Thank you Barack Obama, for giving me hope for the past 8 years and for years to come.

Change is good

Change is good

Something I have tried pushing to the back, the far back, of my head, recently is that Obama will soon cease to be the president of the United States. But as I tearfully watched his final speech as president I really have to face reality. Donald Trump is our president-elect and soon, he will hold the highest position of power in the entire United States, and one of the top positions of power across the entire world.

It is gut-wrenching, frustrating, sickening, and all around unbelievable. Nonetheless, it is true. There are things Obama didn’t get right, but there are far more things he did get right.

Something I think about frequently, is what I would do had I been elected president, had I been in the position of trump. What things I would change about the nation I call home. While there are so many, there are a few that stand out among the rest. Here they are.

Preface: If any of you decide to disagree with my views, believe that Trump is a good fit for president, or just want to be an ass, keep your comments to yourselves. This is my blog and I can/ will post whatever the hell I want, and I can easily click the delete button on your comment without much thought. If you don’t want to read this post, click off. Easy as that.


  1. Gun control: I live in a suburb of Chicago, a city with one of the largest gun deaths/casualties in the entire nation. There need to be harsher laws about owning a gun. Yes, I know people will be able to get black market guns, there really is nothing we can do about it now, however we will be able to control the amount of kids who find their parents’ guns and kill themselves or their family members, how many domestic disputes that end in a gun casualty, and so many other things. There are so many school/airport/ theater shootings recently (almost all of which the guns were legally bought) that could have been prevented had we had harsher laws on gun ownership.
  2. Better funding for education: Education is a necessity. Education helps us get jobs, which helps give back to society, which helps the country function. Once again, in Chicago, year after year, schools are being shut down because of lack of funding and it needs to stop. This is causing classrooms to be overfilled, or for students to have to drop out because the nearest school is not within reach. With better funding, children will be able to continue their educations so they too can give back to society.477703351922915034-party-logo-donkeyhotey-flickr.13.4.971.492.full.jpg
  3. No more political parties: The party system in the United States needs reworking or complete removal. People tend to vote with their parties despite their candidate’s views and that isn’t right. We should be educated on the candidates we vote for and vote for people based on their views on issues, not whether they stand in front of a poster with a donkey or an elephant on it.
  4. Rewrite the Constitution: When the Constitution was written, the founding fathers thought that the Constitution should be rewritten every 20 or so years. However, we have not done that in the 250 or so years we have been a country. People get so stuck on the 2nd amendment (right to bear arms) because when it was written, it was necessary; WE WERE BATTLING AT ALL TIMES. Which is also why the 3rd amendment (prohibits soldiers from temporarily residing in private homes during peace time without getting the permission and consent of the owner) was created. However, we no longer need soldiers to reside in private houses, so this amendment and quite a few other amendments/pieces of the constitution are null and void.img-plannedparenthood-logo
  5. Make it illegal to band funding to Planned Parenthood: Old white men seem to think that the only thing Planned Parenthood does are abortion procedures. Planned Parenthood funds so many other things from mammograms to STD testing. Planned Parenthood is a necessity to people across the US and it cannot be defunded. Also, what people seem to forget: Defunding Planned Parenthood will not eliminate abortions, it will eliminate safe and sanitary abortions!

Like I said, there are so many things that the United States needs to change, but these I feel are of the utmost importance. What would you like to see the US change?







Oh look, another election post

Oh look, another election post

Nov. 10: Did you celebrate or commemorate your divorce or a significant breakup? Would you ever?

I can honestly say that I have never done this, never plan on doing this, nor did I think anyone did this. I don’t have much to say on this topic as I have not been divorced or had major breakups. My last breakup I laugh at a lot but I don’t celebrate it.


I do just want to say something about the election again. I know, I know.  Enough about this election. But this is so important for not only the United States but the entire world as well. America does so much trade and business and we are involved with so many countries across the globe.

I am from America and I stayed up until 130 when they finally announced that Trump had won. Hearing the phrase “President Trump” was tear-inducing, gut-wrenching, and absolutely heartbreaking. I never knew America had so much hatred and ignorance in it. People are killing themselves, men are boasting about grabbing women by the pussy, there are riots and protests across the entire country, Muslim women are afraid to leave the house wearing their hijab, and people are drawing swastikas and hanging black mannequins all over the country. Trump isn’t even inaugurated yet and people have done this. It has been less than 2 days and we have experienced this. If this is any indication of what the next 4 years are like, I fear for this country.

No Hillary wasn’t perfect, but there should have been no competition between the racist, homophobic, sexist, islamophobic and a woman who devoted her entire life trying to make a difference in this country.

I wrote this about my feelings. So many people who believe that Donald Trump is not a good fit posted Hillary, MLK Jr, Rupi Kaur, and other quotes followed by captions filled with their feelings. Reading these inspired to write my own.

I am at a loss for words. Tuesday night will be etched in my mind forever and ever. As I sat on the couch, sobbing, watching as the states continued to turn blue and red. As the electoral continued to add up for a man who is not fit to run this country. As the gap between one of the most devoted women in the entire nation and a man who took up politics as a hobby continued to grow, I became numb. I am still completely numb to all of this but somewhere in the void my body is in, there is anger, hatred, and fear. I am angry at the people who voted for the third party.  I hate people who thought he was a good fit for president and I fear for the future of our nation.I know one thing for sure. We cannot stop. We have made so much progress in the move towards equality in the last 8 years and we cannot let this man end that march for us. We have to stand together and we cannot stop fighting. We have so much ass to kick so let’s get to kicking.


Thank you and I’m sorry

Thank you and I’m sorry

Nov. 9: What do you want to say to Hillary Clinton today?

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. I stayed up all night waiting, watching, crying, getting hopeful, and then crying again. I am numb and have completely dissociated from everything. Donald Trump won the presidency. People keep calling him President trump and I keep pinching myself hoping to wake up from this nightmare America has become. I had planned on writing this post as a congratulatory, and now, just the opposite.

Hillary, to sum everything I want to say to you in one sentence it is: Thank you and I am sorry.

Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for persevering for women, families, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, and other minorities. You have given us so much hope. Thank you. Thank you for giving me the hope to have a woman president. I never thought I would see the day that there was a possibility to say “My president is a woman.” While it may not be you, you have shown women that they can do anything they want. Thank you for devoting your life to making America a country worth living in. I know not everyone liked you from the start, and I know not everyone likes you now, but you devoted your entire life to this country, and not many people (including our next president) can say they did that. Thank you for putting up with your opponent, the media, the citizens of this country. All people do is give you hate for those emails. We get it. They happened. Every politician, every person makes big mistakes and yours have been drug out long enough. You aren’t being taken to court for rape charges, but you are being investigated for deleting emails about your lunch order. Thank you for being the bigger person. Thank you for empowering so many women and minorities to dream big. People fail and you can still get back on your feet and try again. Thank you for trying. Thank you for never quitting on America. Thank you for never quitting on me.

I am sorry. I am sorry you lost. I am sorry you devoted your whole life to a country that is filled with hate, intolerance, ignorance, and a lack of morals. I am so sorry everyone got your hopes up on this election and you still lost. I am sorry you lost the election to  a man who took politics up as a hobby 18 months ago. I am sorry you worked your ass off the past 18 months only to have been defeated by a Cheeto. I am sorry the media always puts you down and will say anything to get the negative attention off of Trump. I am sorry you will never be President Clinton (unless you run again) I am sorry that your children, grandchildren, and all the children of this country will never be able to call you president Clinton. I am sorry that I hated you at first. I didn’t hate you per say, but I agreed with whatever Bernie supporters said about you because I wanted Bernie. You are just as if not more qualified than him. I am sorry that so many people did the same. I am sorry that the actions of people around you from 20 years ago are more dictating of a person than what someone said in the past week. I am sorry that we failed you. I am sorry that all of your hard work didn’t pay off in the end. I am sorry.

With tears staining my cheeks and keyboard, and a much needed hot shower and cup of tea on the way, I must sign off. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, thank you for believing in America and trying to help us and I am so deeply sorry we did not accept your help.


That crazy blonde man with the flow

That crazy blonde man with the flow

Hi everyone, with the Iowa caucus in a little less than a month, I just decided that I would rant a bit about a fellow who is somehow leading the republican race. Now, before I begin I would like to point out a few things before you trumpers begin to tear this post apart. Yes I am a very left wing Democrat. I am pro-choice, pro gun control, feminist, and pro obamacare (not that it doesn’t have its flaws… what doesn’t) and most importantly anti racism, and anti removal of all Muslims.

Wow, some of you may be thinking. This girl has no idea what she is talking about and just wants Bernie to win the presidential election just like all other teenagers and people in their early to mid 20s. Well, for your information, you’re wrong. I started caring about politics when politics started affecting my life. yes, obviously it has always affected my life, however when I’m terrified of walking down the street because I don’t know who might have a conceal and carry weapon with them and could possibly kill me with the slightest flick of their finger,that’s an issue to me. When old crotchety men have more of a say about my body and every other women’ body than we do, there is an issue. When we blame every single Muslim individual for the actions of a mere few thousand of them but can’t blame every gun owner for the same number of violent killers, there is a problem. When all people want to do is protect the 2nd amendment right that was written over 200 years ago, there is an issue. When the 3rd amendment is no longer necessary, doesn’t that mean that other amendments (cough having a gun wherever you go) could also be voided. Or is some random teenager who actually is educated and knows what she is talking about just as clueless as Donald Trump?

No, a Republican candidate is not the ideal presidential candidate for me personally, I would pick any Republican candidate over Donald Trump any day. ANY DAY. Yet, somehow, Donald Trump is in the lead. We can spend millions of dollars building a wall at the US and Mexico border, get rid of 12 million Mexican immigrants, ban every Muslim individual from entering the United states, and became the epitome of racism, but a woman who was raped, can’t afford a child, etc. can’t get an abortion… Children can’t get a proper education and elderly people and impoverished people can’t get sufficient health care? Since when did “And freedom and justice for all” a phrase uttered by millions of children in public schools across the country every day at 8am become “and freedom and justice for those who can afford it?”

Rant over. That’s all.

Talk to you all soon

Alicia 🙂

P.S. If you have an questions about my views or Donald Trump, don’t be afraid to comment or as me on my tumblr