Final post before Peru!!!

Happy Thursday to you all. In a matter of 12 or so hours I will be on my plane to Peru. I wanted to make one last post prior to leaving just to be like ‘hey, I’m leaving’ and so on and so forth.

For those of you who are new or simply don’t pay attention to my blog posts… I will be in Lima, Peru for the next 4 weeks volunteering in an orphanage(s). Basically, in regards to posting, I am hoping to post 10 posts at the most over the next 4 weeks (but expect a ton of Peru related posts when I get back home). I am not going to say that I will have any consistency in my posting whatsoever (and I really don’t care) and I just really wanted to get that out there.

Yes, I will have down time, however, I may want to nap or explore and do other things besides blogging. I’m not gone, I’m not dead, I’m just out here, enjoying life.

I am super excited for this experience and the next 4 weeks of my life. Until I get to Peru (or my plane) I must logoff because I have to shove this computer into my backpack, along with so many other things. So, hasta pronto mis personas favoritas y hasta pronto Lima


Winter bucket list update

Hello everyone, one of my Blogmas posts was a Winter bucket list and with winter basically over and spring right around the corner, I decided that I would come back and see how well I did on my little list. Most of the snow ones didn’t really happen because there were about 2 weeks in April where it was above 50 and most times the snow didn’t last long, but the rest of the ones I was able to do 🙂 Let’s get started.

  1. Finish Christmas Shopping
  2. See the Christmas trees at the Museum of Science and Industry: Did this one also. Check out my Blogmas photo set to see some photos from that day!dec-26-biggest-tree
  3. Visit the Christkindlmarket: Check. It was so beautiful and I was able to find vegan candy there as well!! Check out my post about that day here
  4. Drive around and look at Christmas decorations: This happened on more than one occasion. Friends, family, and I drove around and marveled at many houses and did more than critique others.
  5. See the Macy’s tree and windows: The hype of doing this was real. I had never been to Macy’s to see the tree or windows and I did both of those. It was spectacular and the people involved definitely put in a ton of work to make Macy’s beautiful for the holiday season.

    The Cubs window
  6. Go to Wisconsin for the weekend: I have done this a couple times. We were up there for New Year’s weekend and then I think another time but I can’t remember.
  7. Put up the Christmas tree: Put up our Christmas tree and took it down successfully.
  8. Have a Christmas movie night: I definitely watched sooooo many Christmas movies. It happened over a few nights (and one even in February) but I watched so many classics.
  9. Go sledding: It never snowed enough to go sledding :/
  10. Read some good books with some wintery drinks: I don’t think I ever did these together but I definitely enjoyed some great books and wintery drinks separately.
  11. See all of my friends while they are home on break: I wasn’t able to see all of my friends because of work, vacations, etc. But I was able to see a lot of my friends and I have been seeing them as well when they’re been home for Spring Break as well.
  12. Dress up on Christmas: Since I was given a Shrek Christmas sweater and was forced to wear that on Christmas Day I wouldn’t really consider myself dressed up, but I wore nice pants so I sort of looked nice
  13. Do a winter photo shoot: Did a mini shoot but nothing too extravagant.dec-10-we-forgot-to-take-a-pic-there-so-this-is-an-empty-cub-and-im-on-a-parking-garage
  14. Try to take a family photo… key word is try: This literally did not happen at all haha.
  15. Shovel some now: My neighbor with a snow blower beat us all to it each time it snowed
  16. Build a snowman: It literally didn’t snow enough to make one and when it did, the snow wasn’t good packing snow.
  17. Eat a candy cane: I didn’t even eat a mini one 😦
  18. Make Christmas cookies
  19. Build a gingerbread house: 2 of my friends and I each made one and they were super cute to be honestdec-22-gingerbread-house-fail-ish


    All in all I would I was pretty successful. I just need a damn candycane. 


New Year’s Resolutions Update

Hi everyone, the year is somehow already ⅙ done and I really wanted to see how on track I have been with my resolutions to see if I have to make any improvements or to see if any of you have forgotten about your resolutions and to kickstart the both of us. Let’s see how I’ve done

  1. Blog consistently: I am doing rather well with this one. I have posted on average one post every other day, and if not one every three days, which is really an improvement for me.
  2. End the year with at least double the posts I have now. This is my 30th post of the year so hypothetically if I continue at this pace I am at, I should surpass my goal of 143 (the number of posts from 2016) with flying colors.
  3. Connect with more Bloggers: I haven’t been fabulous at this but I definitely have met more people which was my goal
  4. Take quality pictures: The posts that I have used pictures in have been good, but a lot of my posts haven’t needed photos so this is one I’ll have to come back later for.
  5. Read: I have started reading every night before bed instead of scrolling my phone so I have read quite a few books this year and I am super proud of myself for that
  6. Learn something new: I still don’t know what and I don’t know when, but I will learn something
  7. Move into the basement: Our basement flooded so we had to tear up our carpet, and under our carpet we found asbestos tile so we have to get that removed but once we do that, we are getting the basement recarpeted and then I will move down there, although it will be sort of pointless since I’ll be leaving again but whatever.
  8. Volunteer:  SOON
  9. Create a budget for myself: I haven’t done this.
  10. Choose a college: Haven’t done this either
  11. Get a job: I have a summer nannying job and once I get back from Peru I am going to start looking for something on the days that I don’t have to babysit
  12. Clean: I have been keeping my kitchen, living room, and my room fairly clean so I’d say that this is a win
  13. Get on a solid sleep schedule: I have been going to sleep at about 10 and waking up at 6 during the week so kudos to me for getting my nocturnal ass in the loop with every other human.
  14. Exercise: I have been doing insanity and running in the morning, so I’ve been doing at least some sort of physical activity almost every day.
  15. Create a skincare routine: Check out my Tarte skincare review for my skincare routine
  16. Be one of ‘those vegans’: I have been eating pretty healthily. I ate a box of Thin Mints for breakfast the other day though, so… Balance.
  17. Drink more water: Some days I’m really good about this and other days I’m not, so I’m halfway there.

All in all, I have been doing pretty good. There are some items that I will definitely have completed/closer to completing by the summer I’ll update you all then. Until then, I have some spinach that needs to be put in a smoothie and a book that needs reading


Peru prep

Hi everyone, I leave for Peru in around a month and to say I’m nervous is an understatement. Obviously, I am excited but nervous nonetheless.

I have met a girl on Facebook who is from New York who will be in Peru at the same time as I and we end up on the same connecting flight in Panama City, Florida, so it will be nice to have a familiar face and it has also been calming knowing someone else is just as nervous/excited as I am. We have requested to room together (her request as I really don’t care who I room with) but it might not happen. If it does great, and if not, just the chance to meet more people.

I went to the doctor last week and he gave me 6 (?) prescriptions for typhoid, altitude sickness, and a ton of other things I may or may not need. I am literally going to have an entire pharmacy in my suitcase. But I’d rather be safe than sorry, especially in a new and foreign place such as Peru.

All I have to do medically is receive my yellow fever and flu shots, which I will be doing this week. As for the trip itself I just have to pay my actual program fee and then I am officially ready to go to Peru. Yes, I have to pack (and unpack and repack), buy some shoes, gifts for the kids at the orphanages, and a few last minute tasks but this is so crazy to me. I am going to Peru, something that a few months ago was just a mere thought in the back of my head is actually coming together. It’s crazy what $1500 and a good puppy-dog face can do.

I never thought I would be going to Peru at all, let alone a month, and I have to keep telling myself that yes, I am in fact going to Peru. I can’t wait to update you all about my adventure as the day I depart nears, and throughout my entire trip. ¡No puedo esperar a Peru!

hablaré pronto


College update post Part… no clue

Hi, everyone. Well, with Peru approaching and then summer and then oh yeah, college, I have my decision narrowed down to two schools; Ohio University and Depaul University. I have yet to be admitted into either school because my high school screwed up my transcript requests and I wasted $18 for them to lose my forms so my applications weren’t finished until like a week ago… anyway, I am visiting Ohio on the 13th, and can really visit DePaul whenever since it’s so close.

As far as I know, I would be down with attending either school, and not that this is impacting my decision at all, Ohio is in the top 5 vegan-friendly universities in the country, something I hadn’t found out until I was exploring the campus’ website the other day.

Anyway, they both have a plethora of majors, because I have decided that I can’t choose what I want to do, because I want to do everything. I am a ‘Renaissance Man Woman’ wannabe. However, for when I change my major 85 times I’ll have the ability to because both schools have far more than that.

I’m visiting Ohio on a school day, and I really hope to do the same with DePaul because I feel that this is how you get a feel for the campus. When you can see all of the people you will be attending school with, you can see if you fit well on that campus.

When I visited San Diego State, I fell in love with the campus, from the smooth Spanish curves of the buildings, to the swaying palms, and how the sun cast so gorgeously across the entire campus.

What I didn’t see were the students. I visited the campus over my spring break, which coincidentally was their spring break as well. I didn’t get to gauge the student body and stalking the school’s Instagram’s page doesn’t do the best job.

When I got to State, I realized that I didn’t fit in with the student body, and I may have chosen a different school in the first place had I seen the school as a whole.

Basically, I just need to get accepted into the schools, figure out how much money I get from either school and then pick one (unless there is only one option, but I don’t really think there will be).

So, I’ll talk later about how my Ohio visit was and then my application status of both schools as I hear.

Until then,

I’ll be here, waiting to get out of this stuffy house and back to school before I claw my own eyes out. Whoever told me that once I took a break from school I would never want to go back, must never have taken a break from school themselves.


Ruff month

It’s been about a month since we had to put my dog down and life at my house is quite different. My dad stills tries to not step on the dog every morning, her dog food bag is still in our kitchen, and every time I enter the house, I always want to yell “Rosie” but then I remember she isn’t there.

It’s been a weird month. She’s still my phone background and my friends still ask me how I’m doing. My mom, sister and I keep looking at new dogs but we know we can’t move on just yet. And even though my father insists he doesn’t want another dog, the words “Damn I miss that dog” slip out of his mouth every now and then. We actually have t pick up after ourselves when we eat, which I have definitely forgotten about, hence the three-day-old cucumber slice that fused to my kitchen floor.

The house is also quiet, silent even. There are no small barks and loud barks, no nails tapping against the tile, no scratching at the carpet, no lapping water from her water dish. It’s weird, and I feel alone. I’m at home quite a bit now that I’m not in school and basically I talked to my dog, walked my dog, slept with my dog, etc. The house is far too quiet for my liking, with or without the TV, with or without my bird, it’s still far too quiet.

My mom admitted that she wants another dog, however with me off to Peru in April for a month and then depending on where I end up at school (post on that later) it will depend on our future dog owing.

Basically, we all really want a dog, but we aren’t ready for one. Also, we have all (well my sister and I sort of agreed as we want another rott or a pitbull and neither of our parents want that) agreed that we want a smaller dog (smaller poop) but we just have to wait a bit.

However, all of our friends with dogs have said that if we want to steal their dog for a weekend or so, we are more than welcome to. So, while not having a dog of my own stinks, I am so thankful for people in my life who are trying to help us adjust with so dog as best we can.

So, if/when we get a new dog, you’ll all be the first to know, and until then, I’ll be crying over cute dogs on Instagram and leaving my friend’s houses with a tiny pup head popping out of my bag.

¡Hasta Pronto Peru!

For those of you who don’t know your basic Spanish phrases, the title of this post is “See you soon Peru!”… meaning I convinced my father and mother and I am going to Peru! I leave for Peru March 31st and return home early morning on April 30th.

I will be volunteering in an orphanage in Lima, or just outside of Lima, and will be volunteering amongst others from across the world. I have begun prepping and planning and prepping some more. I have ordered my background check, started paying my fees, and have been on the lookout for the best shoes and packs that I will need. I have my doctors appointment set for receiving all of the necessary vaccinations.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. To say I’m nervous is also an understatement. I’ve never been out of the country, let alone out of the country by myself, however, after reading and watching so many other people’s stories about going on these ventures, I can only imagine that my nerves will subside upon getting settled.

Also, I started a little fund campaign for the trip, I’m not asking for anything, just a little boost for me and a little that I can give to the orphanage. So, if anyone can/wants to spare any money for me/the orphanage, click the link here. As mentioned on the website, any donation is dearly appreciated for not only me but the amazing children I will be volunteering with, whom I have no doubt you will be reading all about during April and beyond.

Can’t wait to embark on this adventure and share it with all of you