Women’s History Month

Hello everyone, I would have posted earlier, but I took a fall and broke my big toe and pulled a ligament in my ankle. At least that’s what my friend who is pre-med is telling me. I have been making my way around my house with crutches and can’t bear to put a shoe on my left foot let alone put weight on it. So, since my dad, who normally would be the one inspecting my injuries, doesn’t know about the tattoo on that same ankle, I’m going to be hobbling my way around the house sans crutches with a smile on my face when he gets home (him and my mom are out of town this weekend with some friends).

Well, this month is Women’s History Month. This month is very important to me, because I am… a woman. Not sure if you all knew 😉

I used to be one of those people who was like “Why is there a Black History month?” or “Why do we have a Women’s History month?” etc. etc. Now, before you start firing comments my way about much of a racist and meninist I am, at the time I thought I was being quite the opposite. I always felt that by having a Women’s history month or a Black History month, we were excluding ourselves and other minorities. If There is no White History month or Men’s History Month, why do we (women and other minorities) get one. I felt that minorities were already ostracized enough and that by dedicating a month to us we would be outcasted even more than we already were. Plus, I didn’t really think we needed them because I thought we learned all the history we needed in school.

A few years ago, I came to the realization that there were so many things that had happened in our country and around the world that I did not know about. I didn’t know about how women got the right to vote, that women helped astronauts get to the moon. I had always thought that men had discovered the double helix in DNA, nuclear fission, and so many more world-altering inventions now matter how small.

I never realized this in school but the history we learn about isn’t the full story. We don’t learn both sides, we learn the rich white man’s story. For years I thought Christopher Columbus was a great guy because he ‘discovered America’ and I thought that the white man was always correct and could never do wrong because that’s what we learn. We don’t learn about the millions of Native Americans who died when the white man took over the ‘new country.’ We don’t learn that slavery was always wrong, not just when the North decided it was. We don’t learn that women couldn’t go to school because they were forced to stay home and their sole purpose was reproducing and cleaning. We don’t learn so many things in school because not everything is about white men in history, but in schools and media it is.

Now I realize. I realize that we need months for people who aren’t white, straight men. We need them because I learned more about Black History during February commercials on Disney channel as a kid than I ever did in school. There are still so many historical facts that I don’t know about because of this, but if I have learned one thing since Trump’s presidency, or my time of realization for the need of these months, it’s that we shouldn’t need these months, but until our history books are rewritten with the whole truth, and people begin to realize that white men are not the only influential people on this Earth, these months are so important for everyone, because without them, I wouldn’t know who Alice Paul were, Ada Lovelace, and so many other women and men alike who changed the world for the better.

Ways to my heart

Despite today being my least favorite holiday on the planet, Jenny over at sitbackandjustlive made a post about some ways to her heart, and because I definitely related to a few of them, I thought I would make one too, cough cough at all of you potential boyfriends out there, read on.

  1.  You love my dog/my dog loves you: While I don’t have a dog right now, I will at some point and I heard once that dogs are the best judge of character. Basically, if my dog doesn’t love you, you have to go. And if you don’t like my dog, just move along. adorable-cute-funny-dog-puppy-animated-gif-35
  2. We have the same/similar Political Views: Basically, if you voted for Trump or accept him as a president, I can’t date you.
  3. Food:This is pretty self-explanatory. Food makes everyone happygiphy-1
  4. Take candid or not so candid photos of me: I need a boyfriend who does this, hell I need friends that do this because my Instagram feed does not have nearly enough pictures of me being uncandidly candid on it.
  5. You know my Starbucks Order: I have 4 Starbucks orders, which can be difficult, but they switch from the seasons, so as long as I get something close, I’ll love you forever.giphy

Well, these are the ways to my heart, what are the ways to yours?


What I got for Christmas

Hi everyone, I hope your Christmas was good/ your Hanukkah is going well/ whatever holiday you do or don’t celebrate has been phenomenal. I have seen a ton of people on here showcase a few items that they got for Christmas, and I’ve decided to do the same. I am so thankful for everything I was given this year, and can’t wait to use everything I was given. Let’s get to it, shall we?


  1. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath- While I only mentioned wanting Eat, Pray, Love in My Christmas Wish List post, this was another book I desperately wanted. I was super pumped about receiving it, and can’t wait to read it.
  2. Urban Decay “Vice” Lipstick Palette- After receiving this palette and a ton of other lippies, I will never need to buy lipstick again. I am absolutely in love with this palette and haven’t even used every color. There are so many amazing colors, a nice brush, and a really cute palette cover which says ‘lipstick is my vice.” The colors are super creamy and not drying and I love the ones I have used.
  3. Makeup mirror- I don’t wear makeup often, but when I do, I am propped in front of my closet mirror, which consists of poor lighting and a possible terrible outcome. This year, Santa brought both my sister and I a makeup mirror, and I can safely say, I have used it so much in the 5 days I have had it.
  4. Eyebrow sculpting kit- Something I take very seriously are my eyebrows. If I leave the house with only one piece of makeup on, it’s on my brows. I got some eyebrow brushes, tweezers, and a cute little carrying bag for all of my eyebrow needs.
  5. Some shirts- I didn’t get all the feminist shirts I mentioned in my post that I wanted but I did get some other very cool shirts that I also really wanted. From my grandpa and grandma, I got an olive green shirt that says “MAGNOLIA” on it. It is from the show “Fixer Upper, which I am obsessed with. I also got a shirt that says “Meowsterwives” on it next to a kitten. One of my favorite bands are the Misterwives and to pair that band with cats, what could be better? Being the vegan that I am, I also asked for a few vegan shirts and received one that says “Be nice to animals.” It’s white, which will be an issue since I can’t eat or drink anything without spilling on myself, but I’ll manage.
  6. Soy sauce- Alright, alright, alright. So, it was Christmas Eve Eve at dinner, and my grandparents didn’t want to cook since they would be cooking nonstop for the next few days, so we ordered Chinese take-out. When the food arrived, I put some soy sauce on my vegetable lo mein and remarked that we needed to buy more soy sauce because we were running low at my house. My aunt retorted with “Christmas is coming.” The next night, while opening Christmas gifts, I opened an amazon box, to find none other than a half gallon of soy sauce. My aunt and mom had gone to Costco that morning and happened to stumble on the sauce so that had to buy it and put it under the tree.

Those were some of my favorite things I got for Christmas. What did you get for whatever winter holiday you celebrate?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 24: Have you ever rage-quit a job?

Hey fam. I don’t want to do today’s prompt because I am in a vegan food coma, am tired and am surrounded by so many dogs… so just a quick post tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American followers and myself. Just another year of celebrating that dickweed Columbus and all he did/ didn’t do for our country.

I hope you all have/had a great Thanksgiving holiday and are thankful for so many things. I had a nice day with some of my family, celebrating the holiday, my great aunt’s birthday and her recovery from a stroke, and just getting together in general. It is so nice to be able to see my whole family even just a few times a year so we can reconnect and celebrate old times.

There are so many things that we all can be thankful for today and everyday and I love that we have a whole day to celebrate what we are thankful for,

Happy Thanksgiving  and remember: eat mashed potatoes (with vegan butter) instead of turkey today 🙂


Let’s learn some words, shall we?

Happy Birthday Noah Webster, aka Father of the American Dictionary. Dictionaries are crazy things, there are so many words in that huge book that I can’t pronounce, can’t define, or can’t even tell if it’s English or not. However, as a writer, something I should always be doing is expanding my vocabulary. It’s only fitting that I do this on National Dictionary Day.

Here are 10 words I didn’t know the meaning to but now do. I also chose words I can most likely remember to use here and add to my everyday vernacular. Let’s do this.

  1. Lavation– (lay-VAY-shun) | noun *October 16th Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day*
    1. Definition: the act or an instance of washing or cleansing
    2. Examples: “In Maycomb County, it was easy to tell when someone bathed regularly, as opposed to yearly lavations….”
  2. Odious (o-dee-us) | adjective
    1. Definition: arousing or deserving hatred or repugnance : hateful
    2. Example: Volunteers gathered on Saturday morning to scrub away the odious graffiti spray-painted on the school.
  3. Guerdon (gur-dun) |  noun
    1. Definition: reward, recompense
    2. Example: “The big hurdle … was early promotion to captain. … This early promotion, this small dry irrevocable statistic in the record, was his guerdon for a quarter of a century of getting things done.
  4. Macadam (muh-KAD-um) | noun *only chose this word because my backyard has a macadam*
    1. Definition: a roadway or pavement of small closely packed broken stone
    2. Example:The sloping, curved street saw light traffic and had a smooth macadam surface that made it popular with skateboarders.
  5. Impavid (im-pavdid) | adjective
    1. Definition: Fearless
    2. Example: Giant by thine own nature, Thou art beautiful, thou art strong, an impavid colossus,And thy future mirrors that greatness.
  6. Belgard (bell-guard) | noun
    1. Definition: A loving look
    2. Example: She left me a belgard from across the room.
  7.  Druthers (druhth-erz) | noun
    1. Definition: one’s own way
    2. Example: If I had my druthers, I’d sleep all day.
  8. Invective (in-VEK-tiv) | noun
    1. Definition: abusive language
    2. Example: … the explosive role that social media has assumed in this campaign have made for a nasty brew of invective, slurs and accusations….
  9.  Haimish (hey-mish) | adjective
    1. Definition: (slang) cozy and unpretentious
    2. Example: … you would like the candle-lit dining room (below), formerly a watchmaker’s shop, where there are perhaps a dozen tables, a fish tank, and murky paintings–all of which contribute to an ambiance best described as Transylvanian haimish.
  10. Bon Mot (bon moh) | noun
    1. Definition: a witty remark or comment; clever saying
    2. Example: He was an extrovert and a character, again like his mother, with a knack for tossing off the perfect bon mot. Once at a dinner party, he told his seat mate, “We are all worms. But I do believe that I am a glow-worm.”


I hope you all learned something from these, because I definitely did. Keep an eye out and see if you see me use these in a post in the future 😉




Sweetest Day

It is Sweetest Day and the closest thing I have to a ‘sweetest’ is my dog. My dog who growled at me this morning because I was far too close to her food (at least 10 feet away).

Despite this, I have decided to talk about some other sweet (sweet as in awesome not dessert-like) things

  1. Time Off Work- I don’t have to babysit until Tuesday (I also had Thursday, Friday, and this morning off) because the little girl is sick… and got me sick lol but at least I get to mope around and do nothing
  2. Saint Motel– I AM SEEING THEM TONIGHT/RIGHT NOW depending on when I post this. May or may not make a post discussing this amazing night.
  3. Oreos– I am curled up in bed eating them right out of the package as I type
  4. Thrift stores- My sister and I went to two of our local thrift stores the other day. I got 2 books, a super cute mug that says “tough *picture of a cookie*” on one side and on the other side it says“smart *picture of cookie*” It was adorable and only $.25 so I had to. I also got a Polaroid camera from 1963 for only $18 dollars!!!!!!!!!! It is so cool and makes a great display next to my two other film cameras on my dresser
  5. Ramen (without the flavor packet because.. you know meat flavor)- As a kid, ramen was always a staple if you were sick. Since I am sick again, I went to look to see if the noodles themselves were vegan (I wAS IN LUCK) and ended up adding some chives, garlic, salt, onion powder, and celery salt for the same smell and even better taste than the original.
  6. Dogs- We are dog sitting for the weekend and instead of my daily dose of one dog… I GET TWO DOGS
  7. Sweaters– that’s all but I have been living in sweaters because it’s cold and it looks like I tried even though I didn’t.
  8. Grid paper journals– I gave into the trend of the graph paper journal, I ended up getting a pack of 3 for half the original price of one so obviously I had to jump on that. Not sure what they will contain, but I have 360 pages of neatness to write in.
  9. Pumpkins- I was at Trader Joe’s the other day and bought myself a $.69 pumpkin. It is adorable. Not only that, but I am trying to coordinate a pumpkin patch visit with some of my close friends. If that does happen, expect a very cute, very orange post about it.
  10. New Appliances- My washing machine like broke but still works but broke. It leaks water from the bottom whenever you use it so when you forget about that and step in it, shrieked can be heard from outside (or so I am told). Our new washer and dryer will be arriving sometime today and I am SO excited to use them!

Just a few super sweet things about my life right now

Happy Sweetest Day to those with a sweetie and those with merely (merely? animals are 100000x better than any significant other you could every imagine) an animal.


Mental Illness Awareness Week

Hi friends, this week was mental illness awareness week. Basically, having mental illnesses suck but we need to understand that 1 in 4 people struggle with them and that typically, these people can function in society just like people without.

I always struggled with my mental illnesses since I was in middle school. Now, I am finally coming to terms with them and myself. It’s very unfortunate that I had to struggle with mental illnesses alone for such a long time. I do not want any of you, or anyone ever to have to go through something like this alone.

Recently, I started following the instagram @wearyourlabel which is basically a clothing store that tells you it’s okay to not be okay. This instagram sells shirts with slogans such as “self care isn’t selfish,” “you are enough,” and “anxious but courageous.” I really like all of them and in order to prevent impulse buying each of them, I am holding off until I can narrow down until there is only one I am absolutely in love with.

After I started following wear your label, another instagram account @buddyproject. Intrigued as to what the ‘buddy project’ was all about, I followed them back and took a look at their website. Basically the buddy project is a project started by Gabby Frost. Gabby’s mission was to pair people as buddies while raising awareness for mental illnesses.

I really think that the buddy project is a great organization and kudos to Gabby for thinking about it. It’s very easy to sign up for a buddy. All you have to do is share you name, twitter handle, email, and share what a few interests are and bam! You’re signed up. I’m not sure how long it will take to get my buddy, but when I do find out, I’ll be sure to let you all know. I also recommend everyone suffering from mental illnesses or those wanting to be more aware of mental health in general, to take a look at either wear your label or buddy project.

Have a great weekend and Always Remember to be Aware of Mental Illnesses. I didn’t write 2 essays and three speeches about them in college for nothing