February goals

February goals

Happy February everyone! Crazy that we are already 1/12 of the way through 2018. Anyways, most months I like to start off by sharing a few goals I have, whether that be drinking water or something school related. Here are my goals for February Go to everyone CHAARG event (if my schedule permits)- 2 times [...]


January reflection

Good afternoon all, hard to believe the month of January is over. This month feels like it was 5 seconds long, especially since classes started. It's been an interesting month. From starting this new semester to my self-love challenge, and just being a very busy bee. Normally at the beginning of each month, I make [...]

2018 intentions

Hi everyone, so happy 2018 again. Now I know most people make New Year’s Resolutions and usually I am one of them, however, this year I’m going to be making intentions. I’ve mentioned the organization I’m involved with at school, CHAARG; well the founder of that organization makes intentions, which inspired me to the same. [...]

Hello October

Or Hello October 3rd. Even though the month has already started, I still wanted to make my monthly goals. Do you have any goals for October? Go out at least once- most people are saying "go out less" but I haven't been out all semester so I think I'll go out for Halloween weekend, even [...]

September Wrap up

And just like that, September is over. I have been shitty about posting but with work, class, homework, and sleep… your girl was busy. However, I still would like to wrap up and reflect on my September goals. Finish all of my homework the day BEFORE it is due. CHAMPION. I have been on top [...]

17 in 2017 update

Hi everyone. Last year, I posted my 17 goals for 2017, and since we are a little over halfway through the year, I figured I'd update it. Check out the original post here. Blog consistently: Before Peru I was on top of things, however upon returning… not so much. I’m doing better right now and [...]