8 down. 8 to go

Hi all, today marks the end of my eighth week in Ohio. I moved in literally 9 weeks ago today. Isn’t that crazy. It feels like I’ve just started yet we’re halfway done. Yet here I am, 9 weeks since that fateful night I was rethinking every aspect of me coming here, how I could [...]


Dorm Tour | ’17-’18

Dorm Tour | ’17-’18

Hi everyone, I had planned on making this post weeks ago but after a finishing touch on my room was finally delivered today (I ordered it in August) I decided it would be the perfect time to show you my dorm. I have decided not to show my bathroom and sink area because...  there is [...]

Thinking Greek thoughts

Recently, it has come to my attention all of the negative connotations of Greek Life. I decided to rush again here at OU (I ended up dropping for various reasons I will address later) and upon signing up and going through the motions, I have seen firsthand the negative comments from both male and female [...]

Life changes

Life changes

I was listening to Thomas Rhett’s new album today and his song “Life Changes” really struck me. I was having a dance party alone in my room and started sobbing, something I’ve been doing quite a bit in my last year on this Earth. I was always a rule follower. I did my homework, got [...]

A little less weird

It’s been about 10 days since I’ve moved into my dorm and said that everything was weird. Ohio is still a little weird, but significantly less weird, which is all I could have asked for. My roommate and I are getting along well and Friday night we made a Walmart run at 2 in the [...]

Hello September

Hi everyone, this week has been filled with school, homework, work, and going to the gym so I will update on all of that in the coming days. However, for the past few months (on and off) I have started off the month by writing a few goals for the month, During August I never [...]