Work work work work work

Hi all, today I sort of wanted to discuss what I do at work since I just finished my first week and know my duties for each shift. Also I enjoy work for the most part, which is always a good thing 🙂


I just worked my first Tuesday shift yesterday and on Tuesdays (unlike my other 2 days) I stock. Today was actually my most boring day at work because it should really only be a 1 person job, yet usually there are 2-3 people stocking. My stocking partner, Gary, and I spent the day stocking what we could, pacing around the store waiting for people to buy things so we could restock what they had just selected, and talking about ourselves (since we’ll tentatively be spending every Tuesday for the rest of the semester together).

Gary is also a transfer student who lives in the other transfer dorm on campus, and he is majoring in Applied Nutrition. He transferred from Ohio State and based off of what I’ll tell you next I don’t believe he’s flown much. Something myself and most of the people I know are pretty used to me going from Chicago to San Diego to Chicago to Peru to Chicago to Ohio. However, people from here are not. I said I transferred from SDSU and that I’m from Chicago (not even gliding over my gap year or peru excursion) and his mouth was on the floor. “You must be pretty used to flying then huh? Wild” Wild is right Gary. He also mentioned that he’s heard Chicago is pretty liberal but I’m not sure if that was remarked positively or negatively, so we’ll have to wait and see. Nevertheless, he was cute and sweet and I’ll be looking forward to working stock shifts because I’ll be able to see my new bud Gary.


On Thursdays I work with smoothies. The market I work in has a small smoothie bar called “Smooth Moves” and basically I just make smoothies for 4 hours. It’s a lot easier than I thought because everything is labeled nicely and all of the recipes are taped to the wall. Everyone I work with there is a senior which is a little intimidating but they all said I’d done a great job last week on my first day and that normally when someone new is at smoothie, it’s a shit show. So i’m pretty proud of myself. I haven’t gotten the hang of everything yet but I’m sure I’ll know which container is peaches and which is mixed berry in no time.


Saturdays are for the girls.. And Nick. On Saturdays I work at Smooth Moves again, but I also close. I work from 6pm- close. Which should be from 6-9 but last Saturday I wasn’t out of there until 10. No big deal for me; $8.15 more for me and an excuse not to go out and party. Win win. I work with Heather, Madison, Rhiannon, Olivia, and Nick. Heather, Madison, and Rhiannon are freshman and god is it obvious! I hope it wasn’t that obvious for me. Olivia is also a sophomore and she is my favorite coworker on Saturdays. Nick works the cash register across the store so we really only socialize when we’re closing.

Saturdays seem like they’ll be fun because it’s pretty busy which makes the night go by fast and we all bonded a lot when we had to close the whole market and then some of the attached dining hall because people don’t know how to do their jobs. Also we close at 9 and even though we say that, people still stagger in until 915 or so, which is annoying but we let it slide.

That’s a week in the life of work for me. I’m really surprised I liked it this much and I can’t wait to keep making my smoothies and stocking (talking to Gary) !!!


A little less weird

It’s been about 10 days since I’ve moved into my dorm and said that everything was weird. Ohio is still a little weird, but significantly less weird, which is all I could have asked for.

My roommate and I are getting along well and Friday night we made a Walmart run at 2 in the morning and we got a fish for our room. We named him Adam Benjamin. Adam because we live in Adams Hall and Benjamin after a boy we want to befriend. Only a little weird. We have been talking tons and we are very similar, we’re both very glad we got paired together and didn’t get someone else. She also says I’m very easy to talk to which is really reassuring since I feel like I’m the most awkward person on the face of the planet.

I think what I really needed was for school to start. I crave a schedule because without one, I just lie around and wait for something to happen.

Once school started and my books started to arrive I have been working on homework, talking to people in my classes, etc. I am still a little anxious about being here but I’m working on it.

I also got a job! I am working at one of the campus markets. I work Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every other Saturday which isn’t too bad. I just make smoothies for 4 hours and the people I have worked with so far have been pleasant and nothing but kind to me.I am joining a few more clubs this week and still making it too the gym whenever I can. So, once I get in the swing of things and don’t have to pull out my phone each time I go to class to remember each classroom number, I think the weirdness will subside completely.

In the meanwhile, I have a 22 page article to read and annotate for Wednesday, so wish me luck

Alicia 🙂

Hello September

Hi everyone, this week has been filled with school, homework, work, and going to the gym so I will update on all of that in the coming days. However, for the past few months (on and off) I have started off the month by writing a few goals for the month, During August I never followed up with them, but since I am finally back in the swing of things, I will be following up again at the end of the month. Let’s get started with my September goals

  1. Finish all of my homework the day BEFORE it is due. My classes don’t start until 12:55 but I don’t want to spend my morning rushing to finish any last minute homework and not make it to the gym or be late to class.
  2. Go to the gym 5 (or more) days a week. I joined a club called CHAARG which is for girls who love working out and fitness and to liberate girls from the elliptical, so that will help with  keeping myself accountable, however, if #1 doesn’t succeed, me making it to the gym after class is a rarity
  3. Call or Facetime my family at least twice a month. I call my dad daily to rant about life and to tell him about my future husband I met this week, but I rarely call anyone else. A facetime during a weekend where I get to talk to my parents, sister, and my dog, of course, would be nice.
  4. Practice good hygiene. I’m good about this in the usual aspects: brushing my teeth, using soap, showering etc. however, my skin sometimes needs some TLC. I need to remember to wash my face twice a day and to put lotion on my face and body twice a day as well.
  5. Go to club meetings. One thing I didn’t do in San Diego was join clubs or hell, talk to more than 5 people, so this year, I am making it a habit of joining 3 clubs and going to as many of the meetings that my schedule permits because I want to make friends here, besides my roommate.

There were my September goals. Do you have any?



I feel weird. Ohio is weird. It’s my first night here and I just feel weird. Maybe it’s the fact that my sinuses are clogged beyond repair or maybe it’s because i feel like a speck of dust floating in the air, but I feel weird.

I am all moved in, my dad has come and gone, and my roommate and I have exchanged some small talk about our home lives and old schools.

However, as I sit here on my new bedding, looking at my tidy desk and 4 dorm walls where I’ll be spending a great deal of my next 9 months, I can’t help but feel weird.

This feeling is one I’ve felt before. It’s the feeling of being in a new place. When you don’t know what to do, so you float, you just float and float and float until you are given a routine or a task or a human plucks you from thin air and says you are not dust anymore.

I don’t want to be dust. I have 2 full days before school starts and I just feel like dust. Sunday will be fine with floor meetings and involvement fairs and scoping out classes.

But tomorrow, what will be of tomorrow? I might just go out and scope out campus, maybe grab a cup of coffee and write until my heart’s content. I don’t know what will be of tomorrow,  or the days and weeks to come after; but I know one thing: I do not want to be dust.

Back to school series: school year goals

Finishing up my back to school series by doing something I love making; lists of goals. Whenever I start something new; a year, a school, a job, etc. I love making a little set of goals for myself. Here are my goals for school this semester

  1. Go to the gym 6 days a week
  2. Drink 64oz of water daily
  3. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night- Usually, I’d want 8 but let’s be honest
  4. Finish all of my homework before the day it’s due- Usually pertaining to essays and studying
  5. Get 10,000 steps in daily- With my job on the opposite end of campus, this should be no problem
  6. Try not to skip class more than once a month- The goal is not missing at all but it’s bound to happen a few times a semester and that’s okay.
  7. Use my planner!
  8. Visit my professors at least once each- Nothing says dedicated like going to office hours no matter how small the question may seem
  9. Join an extracurricular  activity (or 6)- I’ve already got a few ones I I’d like to join, it just depends on whether or not they fit into my schedule
  10. Aim for Straight As
  11. Read a book or two that wasn’t assigned- I love reading but sometimes I find that Netflix and napping are higher on my list of priorities
  12. Save money

What are your goals for the next 6 months?


Back to school series: essentials for your emergency bag

Hi everyone, tomorrow I am leaving for Tennessee to see the total eclipse (yes, I’m pumped) so I’ll be queueing a post or two while I’m gone to finish up my back to school series because once I get back… I go back to school. I am super excited to go to school and my room looks like target and bed bath and beyond exploded in it. Nevertheless, Poppy and I can still make our way to my bed which, of course, it all that matters.

Now for the fun stuff. I’m usually known as the parents of the friend group because I’m prepared for everything (I’m only the dad too because I handle everyone’s money when we go out to eat). My backpack will be nothing short of a mom’s as well. In my backpack (or purse when school is not in session) I keep an emergency bag of things that may come in handy to me, a friend, or a random somebody in my Spanish class.


  1. Tampon/Pad– This one is sort of a given and you NEVER know when it may strike anyone while wearing white jeans.
  2. Bandaids- Whether you get a paper cut in class or stab yourself with a knife, having a band-aid (or 10) never hurts
  3. Tide stick- I have a long history of spilling on myself and cleaning it right away prevents staining and people thinking that I  don’t know where my mouth is.
  4. Hand Sanitizer- For before you eat or you touched a foreign sticky substance.
  5. Tissues- For when September comes and literally everyone starts getting sick
  6. Chapstick- To prevent triple lip in winter months
  7. Writing utensil- For when you lose yours or that really attractive human next to you needs one
  8. Safety pins/bobbie pins- For bad hair days or when your clothes just aren’t cooperating (not pictured because I used the ones I had and my containers of them are already packed away)
  9. Hair ties- When its lab day and your usual hair is missing or it breaks
  10. Brush/Comb- for windy days or class after the gym

Another thing I like to keep in my backpack is a sweatshirt or something for if you have a large spill or its freezing in a lecture hall

What do you always have on you no matter what??


Back to school series: guide to moving in

Officially one week until I leave for Ohio and 8 days until move in. In honor of this, I would like to share my guide to moving into college. Obviously, every college is different but I’ve talked to a few friends and we all agree that for the most part, these things are universal (at least at our schools). Move in can be a fun time but when you start to stress and your parent(s) does the same it can be less than enjoyable.


  1. Talk to your roommate(s) about what you are bringing- By doing this it can save you from having 2 printers or 2 vacuums or 2 of any bulk item really. Things like toilet paper and paper towels are fine to bring a lot of because they’re cheap, but why spend $200 on a printer when you don’t have to. Also, if your roommate is bringing something big offer to bring something else (my roommate is beginning a printer so I am bringing printer paper and ink).
  2. Talk to your roommate(s) about which side of the room you guys want- This may seem minuscule and odds are neither of you will care, however, trying to make a good first impression can set the tone for the entire year. Always be considerate to your roommate, even with the small things.
  3. Check before you arrive to see if your dorm has an elevator– This will drastically change how you pack. If your dorm has an elevator, odds are you can use bins to haul up all of your stuff to your dorm. However, if your dorm does not have one, you may want to enlist your siblings to come with and to pack a heck of a lot lighter.
  4. Check what you can put on your walls- Will command strips stick? Can you use nails? How much of your walls can be covered? All of these are really good questions to ask when packing for school and avoiding fees at the end of the year.
  5. Bring a door stop- If your door automatically locks, this makes it easier and quicker to open it with constant trips to and from the car. Also, if you keep your door open, people can stop and say hi while moving in so you can make a few new friends.
  6. Get there early- The earlier you arrive on campus, the fewer people that are there so you get first dibs on the move in carts and the elevator. Also, you’ll be done sooner which means you can relax and hang out with your family before they leave.
  7. Pack smartly- Pack desk items together, pack toiletries together, etc. It will make the unpacking and moving in a lot less painful if everything is sorted and neatly in its own place.
  8. Put your bedding on last- When you’re moving in, and your roommates are also moving in, the floor is not a safe space to put your things.When I moved in at San Diego, I threw everything on my bed and then unpacked accordingly. When I was done unpacking, I put my bedding on and then I’m all ready to relax… I mean study.

What other move in tips do you have to make move in day a breeze?