Bucket List

  1. Study Abroad
  2. Go on a road trip
  3. Visit a lighthouse
  4. Watch the ball drop on times square.
  5. Walk on the walk of fame.
  6. Cliff jump
  7. Run a marathon
  8. Take part in a triathlon
  9. Go scuba diving / snorkeling and experience marine life up close
  10. Fly in a hot-air balloon
  11. Zip Line
  12. Paraglide
  13. Parasail
  14. Swim with dolphins
  15. Put a snake on my neck
  16. Bathe an Elephant
  17. Go on a Cruise
  18. Go to the Renaissance Fair
  19. Go to CatCon
  20. Go to CoffeeCon
  21. See Marilyn Monroe at the Wax Museum
  22. Meet Every Disney Character at Disney
  23. Ride a mechanical bull
  24. See the Book of Mormon
  25. Stand Up Paddle Board
  26. Drive a Zamboni
  27. Fly in a Blimp
  28. Fly in a Helicopter
  29. Ride a Segway
  30. Ride a Unicycle
  31. Ride in a Dune Buggy
  32. Ride in a Gondola
  33. Ride on a Cable Car
  34. Go on a Safari
  35. Pan for Gold
  36. Stay in an Underwater Hotel
  37. Step Foot in all 7 Continents
  38. Touch a Pyramid
  39. Visit All 50 States
  40. Visit my State Capitol
  41. Wear a Fresh Lei
  42. Drive Route 66
  43. Lay on the Four Corners (4 States at Once)
  44. See the Northern Lights
  45. Walk on Glass Beach
  46. Stand Under the Hollywood Sign
  47. Climb the Haiku Stairs of Oahu
  48. Learn the Hula
  49. Walk on Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach
  50. Spend the Night in Martha’s Vineyard
  51. Walk the Las Vegas Strip
  52. Carlsbad Caverns
  53. French Quarter
  54. Play at Coney Island
  55. Grand Central Station
  56. See a Broadway Musical
  57. Times Square
  58. Niagara Falls
  59. See Mount Rushmore
  60. See the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville
  61. Bryce Canyon
  62. Zion National Park
  63. Leave a Contribution on Seattle’s Gum Wall
  64. Swim with Pink Dolphins
  65. See an Opera at the Sydney Opera House
  66. Swim with Pigs At Big Major Cay
  67. Walk on the Pink Sand Beach
  68. Walk the Great Wall of China
  69. Climb an Indoor Rock Wall
  70. Complete a Ropes Course
  71. Do a color Run
  72. Go to a World Series Game
  73. Be on a Jumbotron at a Stadium
  74. Experience Weightlessness
  75. Find a Treasure With a Metal Detector
  76. Find a Pearl in an Oyster
  77. Go to the Morton Arboretum
  78. Skydeck
  79. Go to a vegan cafe
  80. Go to every museum in Chicago
  81. See a movie at the drive in
  82. Buy an entire outfit from the second hand store
  83. Dye my hair blue.
  84. Breathe in helium with friends.
  85. Steal a street sign.
  86. Get a matching tattoo with someone.
  87. Skydive.
  88. Learn how to skateboard.
  89. Capture lightning in a photograph
  90. Rope swing into water
  91. Photo a day for a year
  92. Sleep in a car for a night
  93. Build a Sandcastle
  94. Build a pillow fort
  95. Sleep outside on the trampoline all night
  96. Have a Disney marathon.
  97. Actually learn to cartwheel
  98. Go zorbing
  99. Freeze A Water Balloon and Peel off the Balloon Part
  100. See the Misterwives
  101. Meet Michael Clifford
  102. Learn a new language
  103. Achieve your ideal weight
  104. Be a Bridesmaid
  105. Meet Someone Famous
  106. Make a Scrapbook
  107. Paint Something at a Ceramic Store
  108. Make something I can wear
  109. Work on a Pottery Wheel
  110. Attend a Music Fest
  111. Own my own Dog
  112. Crowd Surf
  113. Get a caricature done
  114. Design my own house
  115. See My Favorite Band Play Live
  116. Learn to Pole Dance
  117. Learn to Yodel
  118. Dye my Hair a new color
  119. Get a Bikini Wax
  120. Learn how to do my own makeup
  121. Get a Spray Tan
  122. Go on a Shopping Spree
  123. Earn 6 figures
  124. Order Room Service
  125. Flip a House
  126. Bake a loaf of bread
  127. Create an Ice Sculpture
  128. Cook Every Dish in One Cookbook
  129. Create Food Art
  130. Create Latte Art
  131. Walk on Stilts
  132. Build a House With Habitat for Humanity
  133. Do 24 Hours of Silence
  134. Do a Charity Walk
  135. Get a College Degree
  136. Give Blood
  137. Help an Endangered/Injured Animal
  138. Spend a Day Helping at a Children’s Hospital
  139. Spend the Entire Day By Myself
  140. Spend a Week at a Silent Retreat
  141. Learn to Curl
  142. Make a Hole in One
  143. Rollerblade
  144. Run an 8 Minute Mile
  145. Read the Bible
  146. Learn Sign Language
  147. Get a massage
  148. Learn Swedish
  149. Go to a spa
  150. Own my own house