31 days of self-love challenge: Day 27

What’s one choice you can make right now that your future self will thank you for?

I think a choice that I can make that my future self will thank me for is to work hard. I’m not just talking about school work or one specific thing. I think in general, for everything in my entire life I need to work hard. Obviously breaks are great, and usually much needed, however, I need to work my butt off at everything I do to achieve a life I love and deserve.

Whether it be with school, work, extracurriculars, and my social life, and heck even blogging, I need to work really hard at all of these things.

For school, my future self will thank me for working hard because I will graduate college and hopefully come out of school with a job offer (or more),  and then I’ll be able to start a nice life doing something that I love.

For work I need to work hard because through work I can move up which will look nice on my resume, and if I am a hard worker and exhibit a lot of great worker qualities i can get my superiors to write me letters of recommendation for jobs, scholarships, and honors societies.

In my extracurriculars my future self will thank me for working hard because I can get leadership positions in these clubs which will look good on my resume and will get me leadership experience which everyone needs and is good to build yourself. I can also make friends and connections in these groups as well, which is nice to know people and help you get opportunities in the future.

In my social life I need to work hard, because as I’ve mentioned, I can be a crappy friend on occasion (who can’t). I need to work hard to maintain my friendships with those I love and make new friends in my future.

And finally, in blogging I need to work hard for a couple of reasons: the biggest one being that I love blogging and being able to see the progress I make in my writing and blogging skills is always nice to look back on. I also would love to have my blog grow more and what i start now will pay off later on, which I’m certain my future self will also be thankful for.

What choices can you all make now that you’;; thank yourself for in the future??



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alicia. 21. chicago. athens. ou. vegan. blogger. college student. chaargie. intersectional feminist. future CEO. trying my best. lover of the color blue, no-chip manicures, and nitro cold brew.

3 thoughts on “31 days of self-love challenge: Day 27

    1. I completely agree! Self-love has always been something I’ve struggled with and it’s been something I’ve wanted to improve and I think this challenge has really helped with that!!! 🙂

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