Winter mood board

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 9.49.14 PM.png

Hi everyone, not too much to say about this one, but here is a bit of a mood board for the winter season. I chose the color red, mainly because whenever I think of winter, the first thing that comes to mind is candy canes (shock.. I know) and holly. I also think that red contrasts with snow really well and snow is a huge part of winter. I also feature some winter drinks and cookies because warm drinks are a staple for keeping warm during the winter. Finally, I feature some red accessories (nails, lips, shoes) because those are all staples in my winter wardrobe.

That’s all for today and I hope you enjoyed this contrast from the rambles my blog usually consists of.

Until tomorrow



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alicia. 21. chicago. athens. ou. vegan. blogger. college student. chaargie. intersectional feminist. future CEO. trying my best. lover of the color blue, no-chip manicures, and nitro cold brew.

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