Christmas Favorites

Hello again, I’m going to be making a Christmas Favorites filled with my all-time favorite Christmas movies, songs, and food and why they are my personal faves. Let’s Get started.



1.How the Grinch Stole Christmas: By far my all-time favorite Christmas movie. Either version is phenomenal, but the more recent, un-animated version comes out on top. It is hilarious and I relate to the Grinch so much. Also, it is almost never on, so when it is, it is definitely a treat.

2. Home Alone: This movie is the sole thing that taught me that it’s okay to laugh at other people’s pain.

3. The Polar Express: Such a classic. My favorite part was when the conductor cut out words into each of the children’s tickets and I remember I bought a hole punch to recreate those ticket… without success I might add.

4.Fred Claus:This was one of the worst movies ever, it was good. I haven’t seen it in ages but Vince Vaughn and a British actress whose name I can’t remember did too. The only thing I really remember is that at the end of the movie Vince Vaughn is in that woman’s bedroom and she says ‘Wh-Why are you in my bedroom?” and the way she said bedroom my sister and I still laugh at it and I have absolutely no idea why.

'Elf' Film - 2003

5. Elf: Everyone knows this is one of the best Christmas movies and there really is no arguing.



1.Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is You: I can (and will) go hard to this song at any given point of the year. Watch me.

2. I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas: This is such a cute song and I loved it when I was little and still do.

3. Santa Claus is coming to town: I remember singing this song to myself when I was a youngster on Christmas Eve to try to get me to go to sleep. I was always afraid that if I didn’t fall asleep Santa wouldn’t come.

4. Last Christmas- I would always belt this song.. But I never gave anyone my heart so…


5. The 12 Days of Christmas: I can still recite this entire song word for word and I only have public schools to blame for that.


1.Turkey. HAHAHAHAHAA JUST KIDDING. Eat mashed potatoes not animals :’) But with all seriousness mashed potatoes (any potatoes) make any occasion a holiday.

Candy cane

2. Candy Canes: They scream Christmas

3. Hot chocolate: Not really food but nothing is better than making some hot chocolate and curling up in front of the TV to a night long movie marathon.

4. Chocolate Peanut Butter balls: My aunt makes these amazing chocolate covered peanut butter balls


6. Sugar cookies: Christmas would not be complete without decorating sugar cookies and getting more sprinkles on the ground than on the cookies


Those are some of my Christmas favorites, what are yours?



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6 thoughts on “Christmas Favorites

  1. I love this post – got me feeling so Christmassy!
    I love that you put the Polar Express in as one of your favourite films – that is my all time fav! I watch it every Christmas Eve without fail. I love it so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I ALWAYS sing all I want for Christmas by Mariah, I love annoying people with it (but in an annoying Christmas-y way lol). Love Elf, it is my absolute favourite…how could anyone not like that movie! Umm chocolate peanut butter balls sound amaaaazzzinng!!!!! After reading this post, I want to go watch Elf, while listening to Mariah and eating sugar cookies lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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