Blogmas photo set

Good morning friends (if I ever get good enough wifi to post this), I am with my family and a friend up in Wisconsin to ring in the New Year but I still have time to blog, considering only my mother, dog and I awake right now. I’ve decided I wanted to document Blogmas in photo form. I write day in and day out on this blog and I wanted to switch it up by just showing my entire month of Blogmas in photos (and captions of course…alas… I am still a writer) Let’s get to it.

That was Blogmas.


17 in 2017

Hi everyone, something I always struggle with are new years resolutions. Everyone always makes them, follows them for a week, and then make the same resolution the year after. When I used to go to the gym right by my house, my dad and I would go the weekend on New Years and there would be so many people you couldn’t get a machine. January 5th came, and the gym was basically empty again. However, I do have a few goals for not only myself but my blog in 2017 and I thought I would share them with you all. Let’s get started.

  1. Blog consistently: Last year started out rough, there were some months that I had 16 posts and other that I had only 1. Hopefully after doing NaBloPoMo AND Blogmas, the art of consistency will stay with me.
  2. End the year with at least double the amount of posts I have now. As of me righting this post I have 143 blog posts in 2016. I would like to end the year with writing at least 143 more, maybe even more than that. I know it will be easy for the first half of the year with no school and such, but I will persevere to the end of the year. Maybe I’ll start writing 2017’s Blogmas posts now 😉
  3. Connect with more Bloggers: I always go through my Reader and read and like people’s posts but I really want to comment on more and connect with more of the people I follow.
  4. Take quality pictures: I always talk about things while I’m writing but am running behind on posting (last night for example and my 11:13pm post time) so I forget to take pictures. I just got an iPhone 7 (hello fab camera quality) so I’m going to work on taking all my own pictures and posting them mainly because it’s nice to have your own content on your website, but also because it probably takes more time finding a photo in good lighting, good background, etc than it does to get my item and take it.
  5. Read: I have so many books just waiting from to read them in my room and I have so many books I want to read and have yet to buy
  6. Learn something new: I don’t know what and I don’t know when; but I want to learn how to do something
  7. Move into the basement: I was supposed to move into the basement in August but my basement is a mess so I tentatively will be moving into the basement in January but I’m not sure.
  8. Volunteer: Something I really want to do is volunteer abroad. I am trying to go to Lima, Peru for 4 or 5 weeks. I am totally going to fund it myself… I just have to convince my dad. Since I want to teach English abroad when I’m older,  I really want to test it out by going abroad and seeing if I like it  before I devote my life to something. Because if for some reason I hat traveling abroad or something I would like to know before I major in it.
  9. Create a budget for myself: If I want to go to Peru, and I also want to visit some of my college friends, I need to stop spending money on lipsticks and food and create a monthly or weekly budget for spending so I can do the things I really want to.
  10. Choose a college: Obvious reasons for this haha
  11. Get a job: I need money and to get that, I need a job. Depending on if/when I volunteer will dictate what sort of job I get, so we’ll see.
  12. Clean: Since I am home daily, I sometimes spend the day sleeping or watching TV, when I could be cleaning all the dishes i don’t use. I also need to keep my bedroom clean. Right now it’s a mess because I am going through everything I own in preparation for moving to the basement but once I get a new and bigger room, I will maintain a clean room.
  13. Get on a solid sleep schedule: Nighttime is when I spend my time writing blog posts, reading blog posts, etc. So, when it’s all of a sudden 3 am… oops. Just because I’m home doesn’t mean I can be nocturnal. I need to develop a solid sleep schedule and put my electronics down, which is a lot easier said than done.
  14. Exercise: I am planning on starting Insanity when I get home from Wisconsin. Something to keep me active and exercising does help maintain a solid sleep schedule.
  15. Create a skincare routine: I have had eczema my whole life, and sensitive skin to top that off, so my skin hates me. I need to develop a skincare routine so my skin can love me again. Also one that isn’t uber expensive and easy(ish) to maintain.
  16. Be one of ‘those vegans’: I drink a solid one kale smoothie a week. When I have a mid life crisis at 2 am and decide I need to get my life together, which lasts about 2 days until my next one the following Sunday. I am trying to be one of those vegans who drinks kale smoothies and posts acai bowl photos on Tumblr… Okay not that extreme but I don’t want to be a vegan who eats a row of Oreos and a bag of popcorn for dinner.
  17. Drink more water: water is literally the holy grail of our body. We are over 75% water and how much we drink makes or breaks us. I have a 40 oz water bottle and some days I drink 2 of them but also some days I fall behind on my water consumption and I really can’t do that.I’m being very hopeful with these resolutions and I know some of them might not come true, but here are my aspirations for the year 2017, I’ll check back in 6 months.


What I got for Christmas

Hi everyone, I hope your Christmas was good/ your Hanukkah is going well/ whatever holiday you do or don’t celebrate has been phenomenal. I have seen a ton of people on here showcase a few items that they got for Christmas, and I’ve decided to do the same. I am so thankful for everything I was given this year, and can’t wait to use everything I was given. Let’s get to it, shall we?


  1. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath- While I only mentioned wanting Eat, Pray, Love in My Christmas Wish List post, this was another book I desperately wanted. I was super pumped about receiving it, and can’t wait to read it.
  2. Urban Decay “Vice” Lipstick Palette- After receiving this palette and a ton of other lippies, I will never need to buy lipstick again. I am absolutely in love with this palette and haven’t even used every color. There are so many amazing colors, a nice brush, and a really cute palette cover which says ‘lipstick is my vice.” The colors are super creamy and not drying and I love the ones I have used.
  3. Makeup mirror- I don’t wear makeup often, but when I do, I am propped in front of my closet mirror, which consists of poor lighting and a possible terrible outcome. This year, Santa brought both my sister and I a makeup mirror, and I can safely say, I have used it so much in the 5 days I have had it.
  4. Eyebrow sculpting kit- Something I take very seriously are my eyebrows. If I leave the house with only one piece of makeup on, it’s on my brows. I got some eyebrow brushes, tweezers, and a cute little carrying bag for all of my eyebrow needs.
  5. Some shirts- I didn’t get all the feminist shirts I mentioned in my post that I wanted but I did get some other very cool shirts that I also really wanted. From my grandpa and grandma, I got an olive green shirt that says “MAGNOLIA” on it. It is from the show “Fixer Upper, which I am obsessed with. I also got a shirt that says “Meowsterwives” on it next to a kitten. One of my favorite bands are the Misterwives and to pair that band with cats, what could be better? Being the vegan that I am, I also asked for a few vegan shirts and received one that says “Be nice to animals.” It’s white, which will be an issue since I can’t eat or drink anything without spilling on myself, but I’ll manage.
  6. Soy sauce- Alright, alright, alright. So, it was Christmas Eve Eve at dinner, and my grandparents didn’t want to cook since they would be cooking nonstop for the next few days, so we ordered Chinese take-out. When the food arrived, I put some soy sauce on my vegetable lo mein and remarked that we needed to buy more soy sauce because we were running low at my house. My aunt retorted with “Christmas is coming.” The next night, while opening Christmas gifts, I opened an amazon box, to find none other than a half gallon of soy sauce. My aunt and mom had gone to Costco that morning and happened to stumble on the sauce so that had to buy it and put it under the tree.

Those were some of my favorite things I got for Christmas. What did you get for whatever winter holiday you celebrate?


Blogmas wrap-up post of sorts

Hi everyone, I realized I never really reflected on Blogmas, or even did a ceremonial extinguishing of the Blogmas torch. I have been so busy with family and friends and stuff I have had no time. I know I said I wanted to post every day during December but honestly, that wasn’t realistic. On the 24th, 25th, and 26th, I basically woke up, had breakfast, got ready, and left my house for the entire day, so there has been no time to do much of anything, let alone writing.So, I do have a few year-end posts but other than that Blogmas and Blogging in general for 2016 is done.

I’m honestly really proud of myself for blogging for 24 days in a row (especially since I had done NaBloPoMo which was every day during November and I was sort of blogged out). My initial plans were to blog every day in December like I said, but honestly, I’d much rather see friends and family than be glued to my computer for an hour or more each day. Basically, I’m pretty proud of Blogmas, and basically the entire latter for 2016 in blogging terms. I’ve been consistent, and obviously, I won’t be blogging daily in 2017, but more consistently than 1-5 times a month.

Basically, this is a total shout out to me post, toot my own horn, pat myself on the back, for not sucking at Blogmas like I initially thought I would. So, there may be another post today, there may be one tomorrow, I’m not quite sure. But I do want to make a post sharing a couple of my fave things I got for Christmas and then some 2017 goals and things you know, making resolutions that everyone and their mother know won’t happen.

Until my next post, whenever that may be.


Waking up on Christmas

8:09 am: my door cracks open, letting in a line of light directly hitting my face, awakening me from my slumber

8:10 am: my sister coughs and mumbles something along the lines of “It’s Christmas come on.”

8:10 am: I jolt out of bed, wiping the sleep from my eyes, putting on my new bathrobe, pulling her into a Christmas hug as we descend down the stairs to our living room

8:15 am: Hannah Montana plays in the background (A Christmas tradition) as my sister and I peek in our stockings, hers revealing a new beauty blender and some anime figurines, and mine revealing the same beauty blender and some Play-Doh.

8:17 am: As my dog hears us ruffling through our stockings, she senses the possibility of some left over paper she can eat, and tramples down the stairs to see what all the ruckus is about. Despite her being sick she still has some pep in her step and tons of kisses to dish out.

8:30 am: I hear my mom cough and I immediately call up to her seeing if she is awake, to which I receive a heavy groan followed by a hmph

8:47 am: My father returns from Dunkin Donuts carting in a tray full of drinks for the four of us and some donuts for the three of them

9:00 am: My mother mopes downstairs finally after smelling the sweet iced coffee calling her name.

9:05 am: I am situated in front of the tree as everyone takes their seats on our furniture and my dog on my lap, I begin my role as Santa and begin to pass out presents.

9:45 am: Presents are unwrapped, coffee has been drunk, wrapping paper litters the floor, and smiles are all around.

Real Neat Blog Award

Hi everyone, this morning I received a nomination from rniks24I14 for the Real Neat Blog Award. So thank you so much for the nomination and I can’t wait to complete this award. Let’s get started.

The Rules:

  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  • Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
  • Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
  • Let them know you nominated them

My Answers:

  1. Why did you start Blogging? I wanted a way to put my feelings and life down and in words so I figured why have a 30 page google doc when I could have a blog?
  2. Who do you love a lot in your Life? This is really lame but my dog.
  3. Who is your oldest friend with whom you wanna spend maximum time? My friend Cassie. She is about a year younger than me and I’ve known her since she was born
  4. What are your extracurricular activities? I used to play a lot of sports like golf, basketball, badminton, and water polo. Right now I just like to write, exercise, read, listen to music, take photos, things like that
  5. What country would you love to live in? Finland
  6. What are some words for this world’s behavior for female gender? I don’t really understand this question. I think women’s words for the female gender would be empowered, feminist, inspiring. However I think men’s words would be slutty, conceited, weak

My Questions:

  1. How long have you been blogging?
  2. What type of phone do you have?
  3. Do you have any pets? If so, what are they?
  4. Do you watch YouTube videos? If so, who are your favorite Youtubers?
  5. Are you excited for the holidays to be over, or do you wish they would go on forever?
  6. What is your favorite season?
  7. What is your favorite sports team?

I’m going to nominate some of my most recent followers: Welcome!

Lauren           Jessica            Marcella               Katie            Ciarra

Talk to you all soon


Chrimbus memories

Hi everyone. Happy Christmas Eve, or for everyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, Happy December 24th. Since it is Chrimbus Eve, I have decided to take a trip down memory lane, and visit all the ghosts of Christmas past by sharing some of my favorite Christmas memories. Let’s get started.

My first Christmas memory I was probably 5 years old. I remember pulling up to my grandparents’ house carrying a ton of my gifts from Santa Claus. I was wearing pink Barbie sunglasses, had a pink Barbie purse, and desperately wanted to wear the pink Barbie heels I had also received, however it was snowing out, so my dad forbid it. I remember my grandparents and aunts and uncles coming up to me asking if I had gotten this for Christmas. I remarked to them that I wasn’t allowed to bring all my gifts with me (because they didn’t know that of course) but I had brought the important ones.

My next Christmas memory is a personal favorite of my sister’s. Preface: my sister was/is a HUGE Cody Simpson fan (Australian pop singer). Basically, my sister had requested anything Cody Simpson related for Christmas. Santa decided a life-size Cody Simpson cutout would suffice. When I awoke on Christmas morning, I scurried down the stairs only to be met with a dark figure hiding behind my Christmas tree. Mouth agape, I ran upstairs, to wake my sister up (why call my parents or the police when you can get help from your 10 year-old sibling when the Grimm Reaper is in your living room). We crept back down the stairs, believing someone had broken into our house, turned the living room light on, only to see that Australian pop singer in cardboard form was standing behind the tree. Thanks Santa, for the cardboard cutout of Cody, and the cardiac arrest for my sister and I. Really sweet of you.

This past Christmas was one for the books. Not only was I able to see all of my friends and family I hadn’t seen in 4 months, I was also able to receive a Shrek pillow pet. I am an avid Shrek fan (can’t believe I used avid fan and Shrek in the same sentence) and have no qualms about sharing my passion. Anyways, my sister gave me the Shrek pillowpet and I gave her a Donkey pillowpet (for those of you foreign in all things Shrek related, Donkey is Shrek’s noble steed). Shrek and Donkey currently live on the papasan chair in my bedroom. Quality gift and they have not once startled me upon walking into a room (Cody cutout reference).

I luv chrimbus and u. Bye