Versatile Blogger Award

Hi everyone, Lia from Lost in a Story nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award yesterday. Thanks again for this nomination. All of you should totally check out her blog.

Let’s get started with this award.


  • Show the award on your blog
  • Thank the person that has nominated you
  • Share 7 different facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 blogs of your choice
  • Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination

7 facts about myself

  1. I am a Disney movie aficionado. I think I have seen/fallen in love with every Disney movie ever created.
  2. I’ve always wanted a nickname but I never thought one really fit me. Like I wanted to be called Allie for a while but no one ever called me that.
  3. I hate birthdays. Like my birthday. I always get my hopes up for them and then they end up being mediocre and boring so I just have decided to not enjoy them.
  4. My favorite color is blue and from third grade to eighth grade the only color I wore was blue
  5. I really don’t forsee myself having kids in my future but if I were to have kids I always wanted a twin boy and girl. I would for sure name my daughter Darcy and my son probably Tanner.
  6. If I could only travel to only place it would be to the Galapagos Islands. I’ve always wanted to go after I read a book in seventh grade where the main character goes there.
  7. I really want to learn more languages. I want to learn Swedish, French, Japanese, and sign language.

The blogs I nominate












Inspired Teen

Lauren and Vanessa



Obviously, you don’t have to do this but it’s a fun way to share more about yourself and make some friends.

Until tomorrow



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alicia. 21. chicago. athens. ou. vegan. blogger. college student. chaargie. intersectional feminist. future CEO. trying my best. lover of the color blue, no-chip manicures, and nitro cold brew.

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